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OpenGL & OpenAL error.


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OpenGL threw an error: InvalidOperationEnable

I get this in my log files, every single playthrough. Be it server or single player.
I do not know how or where to go to the settings to see what's wrong.
Google search also provides me with nothing useful or any easy way to let me understand anything.
I'm not a technician and I can't figure out what to do. Can someone help me?

I also seem to have Invalid errors with OpenAL which seems to relate to loading sounds, or reaching some kind of limit? It happens only if and when I exit or enter my base render distance.

To clarify, neither errors crash my game.
They just have a very large hiccup, followed by eventually doors and other actions not producing sound.
Yes, my game is modded.
No, it's not mod related because after making a Vanilla test world, building a base with chests and a 4 mill windmill setup, it still does this.

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