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Better Smelting


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Is there any way someone could make a mod for some form of better smelting/cooking?

Right now when you put a stack of something into a fire it has to go through the process of heating every single item up from cold individually. This can be bypassed by taking the stack out when it gets very hot and then putting them back in one by one. Since every item in the stack keeps the temperature when you take it out, the fire only has to heat it up from there. With some items you can even take the stack out after it heats up enough to cook and then when you place them back in it'll immediately start cooking. This is incredibly annoying to do, but the alternative is extremely inefficient in terms of fuel consumption.


Also I don't know if this is a bug or not.

I was just wondering if someone could make it so that the stack keeps the heat while still in the firepit. Either that or some block or structure to use for either smelting multiple items at once or just much faster.

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