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Bone Lamellar Armor Suggestion

Winston Whitetail

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So I was doing a little bit of research on what Lamellar was since I've never heard of it before, and looking at some fun facts about how it differs from Scale armor and how it's made in real world, I got some info that some lamellar armors were made with horns/bone.

Seeing how the game doesn't have many uses for the bones besides fertilizer (and at the time of making this, handles for stone age tools in v1.15), I was thinking of maybe having a way of carving out lamallae pieces out of the bones to make a bone variant of lamellar armor.

I imagine this being slightly better than wood lamellar but weaker than copper for obvious reasons. You often get so many bones that you either throw out or make into tons of fertilizer for farms so giving it even more use would be nice.

Crafting wise could be done in world where you carve the bones down into lamellae pieces using a knife (would act like knapping but on a bone model where you instead chip off pieces like in smithing), perhaps yielding roughly 4 pieces of lamellae, which you then need some twine/rope to tie 8 of them together to make some lamellae sheets or something similar. Then you can craft the bone lamellar similar to how wood lamellar is made using a few of those sheets, hides and resin.

If this suggestion is something you can see being a nice addition, or have some feedback on it, do let me know!

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