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hosting configuration regarding max RAM and CPU

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I´m looking for suggestions how to configure a multiplayer server properly.
I have read every source I found regarding this matter in the forums, but could not find answers to my specific issue.

I´m running a server on a web server (2cpu 4GB RAM Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64) and it runs fine - but could use another notch of performance generating the chunks.
Looking into metrics, it won´t use more than 50% of the ressources. It seems glued to 50%, even if I put it under strain.

So I´ve got plenty more ressources which the server just won´t make use of, why not?
Can I increase its max memory or cpu requests? I´d like it to make the most of the underlying hardware.

edit: it seems my test was flawed, the server scales just fine, as expected ... but if anyone still has some more params than the readly available in the wiki, let me know :)

Thank you for suggestions.

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