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Offthread save of 1 chunks done


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I have a server I currently host on my desktop for a few friends to play on, and have been hosting a server on and off for them for a while now. I am used to seeing "Offthread save of 0 chunks" through the console all day due to autosaves.

Yesterday, my desktop rebooted while the server was running, due to auto-installing Windows Updates. After it came back up, the server autosaves have started displaying "Offthread save of 1 chunks" every time, despite the previous message showing "Saved 0 chunks" ... which makes me think that there's possibly a corrupt chunk somewhere. Is there a way to diagnose this kind of thing? Some "verify integrity of all generated chunks" command or something?


Save file (too large to attach): https://www.dropbox.com/s/gco0y0vyjb0o1bv/awesome village world.zip?dl=1

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