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hello. I would like to offer a couple of ideas about plants. 1. vegetables. 1) corn. you can cook it or grind it into flour. a sunflower would look like both the stages of growth and externally. 2)potatoes. you can cook,stew, and so on. it would look like a carrot or a turnip. 3) this change in plants consists in the fact that when collecting so many vegetables fell out, how much is reflected in the texture on the bed. 2. trees 1) apple trees. blocks would have spawned in the foliage with branches and they could have been collected with the right mouse button, as with currants. or when cutting down a tree. 2) cherry. the fruits also grew and were picked in the same way, but the color of the foliage changed from the seasons, then in spring the foliage would be pink. 3) it would be beautiful if the trees were like in Dynamic Trees. 4) it would be beautiful and atmospheric if small trees and foliage appeared on the ruins 3. mushrooms. 1) more different mushrooms, for example, syroezhki, chanterelles. 2) mushrooms could grow in shallow caves and on ruins. Thank you for your attention, and sorry for my English (I'm very bad at it).

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