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It gets pretty boring after building your house + few suggestions


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After building the saw and building your house, it gets pretty boring, there's no real challenge in the game, I have plenty of food, iron working is pretty boring and all, world looks nice but it's also empty (like cyberpunk). There's not really much to do.


Oh, and caves are empty 90% of the time, excluding tons of hostile mobs

Also getting copper and using prospecting pick is hard to understand

There should be more mobs in the world

There should be some kind of dungeon to keep you entertained



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For a challenge:

  • try exploring - or relocating to - a different climate zone, tropical or arctic
  • try Wilderness Survival mode
  • try setting off a Bell deep underground ...

For story, there is a whole lore to discover and numerous underground dungeons, they are hard to find though and I agree that there's not much variety in the tons of hostile mobs.

More things to do are added in 1.15, but they are mostly things to do in and around your house ... it is the 'Homesteading Update' after all :)

For other things to do, there are over 200 mods.

Finally, the dev team does plan to add plenty more story content and mobs in a future update named the 'Lore Update', when it comes.


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