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Adding crafting output quantities on the handbook and modification how recipes is shown...


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I would really like to being able to see directly on the handbook how mutch a recipe will produce, before doing that recipe.

One of the example, and probably one of the worse, when you look how to make a windmill the handbook say you will need at  least 4 Sails, so I look the recipe to make a Sail and I saw it cost a total of 4 linen and 6 sticks (Nothing says anywhere that this recipe makes directly 4 sail at once), like you can see on that screenshot:


So before trying to make a sail, I wait untill I have 16 linen (So a total of 256 of flax) question to being able to craft 4 sails, and when I placed the ingredient in the crafting table I saw the output of 4 sail for 1 craft, so I waste a Lot of time for nothing....

I think the handbook should say clearly the output quantity for all recipes, like you can see by example when you select the knife knapping or clay forming recipes list.

If I look by example a cooking recipe on the fire pit (By example the Bowl recipe), I can saw the output number there have an output quantity shown at least on the raw material page, on the finish product it is not as clear, and again, I think this will need a bit of revemp to be more clear.



Here's the current page for the Bowl (On the 1.14.10 version) If you want to see all the informations, you absolutely need to mouse-over... I don't really enjoy the fact of hide the important information on the finish product and having to mouse-over to see the information, but at least the information is available.



What I think it would be nice, is to simply make recipe shown little like in Just Enough Items for minecraft (Inputs on the left and on the right side the output (With the quantity number shown on the icon right corner).

I would really like to see something more visual for recipes on the handbook, question to show correctly what it should do. I make some's little examples of what I would imagine on the recipes lists:





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