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Camera issues from 1.15.2


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Hi! Loving Vintage Story, I thought I'd get that out of the way first.

I upgraded to 1.15.1 back when that was released, then yesterday downloaded the 1.15.2 patch. I have only seen this issue with 1.15.2

When moving in game sometimes my camera freaks out and pitches straight up or straight down for a few ticks, sometimes with a lateral movement that leaves me disorientated. I don't think it's my hardware, though I do have a graphics tablet installed alongside my usual mouse and keyboard, but I've been sat troubleshooting for a few hours with those now.

It's not an easy bug to recreate, it just seems to happen at random. Only a handful of times within an hour or so of gameplay, but still enough to be (at one point) lethal when I suddenly found myself falling into a vertical cave lol

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