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Overhaul to Hunger, Starving and Damage from Starvation


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First post on the Forums. Great game and It seems to have a great community too.

I was suggested to post this in here from the members of the Suggestion Channel in the Discord.


I like the idea that Starving (your Hunger Meter being completely drained) instead of Depleting your Health Bar first, must first Deplete your Nutrient Reserves, then drain your Health.

This way you'd still lose Health from your Max Health being decreased (due to Nutrients being consumed), but this way the system is more realistic, prevents you from healing damage due to Starvation by using Poultices (which doesn't really make sense), gives the Health bar a more precise use in being mostly for combat, and also giving you a bit more time before you starve to death, but still receiving penalties from allowing your Hunger bar from being depleted.

This I think would make the early game a bit more manageable. Not being able to constantly find food in your first days would not be a death sentence, but still maintaining the pressure of keeping your Hunger satiated or else lose the very important HP bonus needed to survive stronger monsters and wild animals.

Apologies is this has been suggested before.

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