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Add Pemmican, the food that can last ~50 years. :suet:


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On servers you can often log in to find all of your food rot.
Thankfully there are some foods that can last a while; soy, peanuts, flax grain, cheese, honey. 
However there is a food that was extremely common IRL called Pemmican that could last 50 years if you used just meat and suet, and about 20 years if you added grains or other stuff to it. This food would also provide a compact yet high protein saturation food source. And if you add fish/fishing, dried fish could last a similar amount of time. Could even add potted fish, fish sealed inside butter. 

For balance, I propose that a Buffalo creature can give the item suet if fully domesticated. One could cook redmeat, bushmeat, or fish along with suet in a crock; allowing one to store a food that can last decades. 

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