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[EN] Ataraxia Roleplaying - A Dynamic Roleplaying Experience


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Welcome to Ataraxia Roleplay
A Dynamic Roleplaying Experience

What we offer

*A player built story, driven by you.
*A semi helpful spawnpoint, nothing to broken, but safe enough to spawn in.
*Experienced Roleplayers ready to help new players get into the feel for Rping.
*A Designated Trader Float, ready to serve players on day 1.
*Proper Currency
*Whitelisting for the protection of our servers, and for our players.
*Proximity Chat enforced for roleplaying

How to join
*Join our discord - https://discord.gg/Fzy4mFPfQX
*Our whitelist is automated and easy to apply, we look forward to having you join us.936821627_2021-07-30_20-16-24(2).thumb.png.0a11119dc927ae6dfb96c71f3052ab10.png

2021-07-30_20-16-24 (2).png

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