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How Do Textures Work?


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So, I'm a new(ish) pixel artist who is learning with the intent of using this knowledge to create textures for VS (among other things)...I'm familiar with the concept of UV mapping but I have NO idea how that would work when drawing flat textures from scratch...Since usually afaik UV mapping is done after the texture is made. I've been working on a mod that for the most part only requires editing flat items, but the mod could be greatly expanded in the future with this knowledge. Any info would be appreciated, even if it's just a link to a good video tutorial! 

I've been searching stuff like 'How to draw textures for video games pixel art', and a few variations of...but all I'm getting is how to draw character sprites heh. Help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Hey Karmatose,

(You might have got this by now, but posting just in case!)

Pretty new at VS modding myself, but I think what you're after is 'Entity Texturing Mode'. In the model creator with your model loaded, select any block and go to Project, then tick Entity Texturing Mode. You can also specify what texture size you want just below it.


It may just be the model I was working on, but I think you have to uncheck 'Auto-Unwrap' for each shape on the Face panel to be able to click and drag UV sides around. It can be a bit fiddly! You can use the Side selection drop box to help.


(sorry for the messy map - was just testing) You could make the UV map for a single shape, a group of shapes, or for the whole model - I'd just move the stuff I don't need out of the grid while mapping/exporting what you want. Once everything is in place, up in top right is Export - Export UV map.


The textures are generally too small for the shape names to show (if they do - haven't tested above 64x), but it is colour coded by Side direction:

Hope this helps!

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