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[Open] Looking for a plugin/server side mod dev


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Hey all, recently started hosting a vintage story server in a discord I'm in where we've hosted other games in the past. Notably being minecraft, on said minecraft server we have a plugin that works with the land claiming plugin to allow players to "archive" their land claim. What "archive" means is that once a player no longer wants to work on the build inside of the land claim instead of deleting the claim and putting it at risk of being griefed they can archive it via a command, which simply gives the claim over to the server. The player is unable to get the land claim back unless an admin directly hands it back over but also at the same time the land is still protected since it is now owned by the admins. This allows players to start over from scratch if they so choose or just simply go work on a new build entirely.

Vintage story already provides a great land claiming and grief prevention system, it just lacks a system for us to "archive" land claims. So we want to incorporate some sort of similar system for our vintage story server. Especially since land claiming is limited in max size and amount of claims (We know that this can be changed, the default values are mostly fine though). The plugin could perhaps have a config that allows you to input the player name that all "archived" land will transfer to. This does mean the sever host would have to either use one of the admin's accounts or an alt but it could possibly work.

If you think you can do it send me a message and let me know your tos, this will of course be paid so just let me know how much you want for it.

Apologies if this is all a bit informal or the wrong place to look for this!

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