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RP/PVE/US(NewMap) Shylael is looking for like-minded staff!

Bobby Stowe

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Hi everyone!

 I purchased a 10-slot (for now) dedicated server and am looking to find like-minded individuals with a passion to help build a fantastic community through professional courtesy and absolute fun. We are currently in the planning stage so if you would like to get in on the ground floor we would like to talk to you! Keep in mind all positions are voluntary but your time will not go unrewarded. "Like-minded" individuals would be those who are mature, role-playing enthusiasts, not competitive, empathetic, loves helping others, knows the power of words and is overall just a chill person. 

I have the server running but it is in suspended animation until we get the community area built and all staff sign off on it. If you are interested please contact Dark_Angel#4596 on discord with the following:

Game experience, role-playing experience, level design(building), reason why you feel you are a good match for our community, any moderation experience, etc. Creative entries will be appreciated but all are welcome to apply.

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