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Incentive to go elsewhere


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I have created a nice little village, with a big field, animals, each and every craftable piece of equipment, I have mastered steel. But now I feel bored. Please give me a good incentive to leave my nice village and start anew somewhere else far away. I would like to see the jungles, but... not enough incentive to make me move. There should be some kind of uber quest... Finding someone? Finding a specific place? Returning the world to its old self?...

I would like the possibility to travel between places with tracks and a steam train for example. This could be a quest "You build a track between this block and this one, and put a train on it and I give you a hint for your uber quest".

It would be nice to be able to lead animals with a rope once they are generation x or y. Make some kind of caravan which could be attacked by wolves of course. What about some donkeys who could carry payload. Merchants could give quests to carry something very heavy (thus needing donkeys) to a far away location.

I would like to be able to craft an irrigation system with pipes for my crops. We should not be allowed to create water blocks with the bucket. It is too easy to just pour water next ot the crops. But it is too painful to water the plants one by one with the watering can.

I would love to build a big ship and sail.

We need fish and a nice minigame for fishing. Water is quite dead right now. Let us build a steampunk submarine like the Nautilus.

Why not add thirst to our character sheet? Oceans should have salt. We could harvest salt from ocean water. We should not be able to drink ocean water.

We have too many ponds and lakes, I know it is quite difficult to program rivers but rivers would be nice. Rivers with current. Small rivers joining other small rivers to create big rivers and going to the ocean.


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my main incentive to travel and move around are already in the game:
- Traders

-Different Stonetypes


-Loot from ruins

-temperature difference so going south in winter makes sense


I dont think that quests are realy required in a sandboxgame but every new feature that encorages traveling is a big plus for me :)

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