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No insect mod [mod request]


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Hello, and sorry if the title formatting is wrong (and sorry for my english, I'm a non-native speaker).

Here's the deal:

I've been looking for a game to play long term with my girlfriend, and while she doesn't like a lot of games, she was interested in this one as it's a bit like minecraft but different.

We both were really enthusiastic about it and we've both been playing a bit, until I found out about the bees and locusts.

And the thing is, she has Entomophobia (fear of insects), and we're not talking about a mild case here: a single mosquito in the room or a buzzing noise near her ear can easily trigger a panic attack. Anything small (or not so small) and chitinous is a no go (so of course flys, bees, mosquitos, spiders, ants, scorpions, you name it), and it being blocky doesn't do anything to make it better (for example: The spider in Children of Morta were a challenge that she did overcome, but took a good amount of self control)

And while some people could argue facing her fear in a safe environment like a video game could be therapeutic, the whole point of playing together is to have a fun time, not to spend the next two hours doing aftercare.

So I'd like to humbly request a mod that replace the locusts's skin (and really, anything insectoid in nature) with something less threatening (like a blob, blobs are cool), and replace their noises (for locusts and Bees) with something that is not buzzing, skittering, (or remotely bug related.) and not too immersion breaking (I know I'm being a choosing beggar here. I'll take broken immersion over panic attacks any day). Of course, if there are other insect things in the game, it'd be great  if the went through a similar transformation.

If you wonder why I'm requesting a skin+sound replacement and not their deletion, is that I'd still like for us to play a game that is as close to the original as possible (minus the panic attacks)

Plus I think this mod could be useful to a lot of people beside her that would want to enjoy this game but can't due to this condition.

Alternatively, if someone could make a guide to modify those things, I'd appreciate it too, but I don't have much technical knowledge in term of mod creation (the most advanced thing I've ever did is add a chest full of loot Seyda Nihyn in Morrowing when I was 13, which was about 17 years ago).

Thanks in advance for the help :)

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