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Server "roll back" and item loss on death.

BluePsion Gamer

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I love this game!  I have a problem though that I'm not sure how to fix. 

It has happened twice. First was last night while playing on single player/Windows 10.  I had just finished building a new fence for my animals when I died of starvation.  My base was right near the spawn point, about a 30 second run.  I got there and everything was gone but weirder still was that the fence work I had done was un-done.

Today I put a dedicated server up on my Debian machine and invited my friend to play over the internet.  We played for a few hours with no problems.  Then I found a new cave we decided to move into.  I was stacking firewood against the wall.  He ran in and dumped some stuff off and left for more.  Then I died again of starvation.  When I got back a minute or so later everything I had dropped on death was gone, but so was all the stuff he had dropped. Also, my wall of firewood was gone like I had never stacked it!  It seems like certain deaths are causing the sever to roll back for several minutes.


Anyone run into this or know how to fix it?

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