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just purchased (Incredible)


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well, i bit the bullet, and got It


i hope the SEED is pretty much finished (BIOME)-wise, and i get to gate into new levels using TOOLS from actual Game mechanics


It's a slick Game, and i actually love The Updates, even the good looking new MERCHANT cart, maybe One Day, a total overhaul MOD will be introduced or a SEQUEL, but a very Good looking Game, and sharp foundation (I even love those original clouds and art)

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love It, the UI is Great i wouldn't change ((nearly)) a Thing, even the character creation is Fine


You might be able to get away with touching up the block selection during gameplay (sharpening the edge to contact the whole wheel of, say a cart, instead of outlining sqaures


nothing wrong with adding Sound, if You as Me, a Good mixture of realistic and lo-fi (birds chirping)

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