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Capturing mobs

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Can I capture animals in vanilla?
If I see some nice chicken/rooster and want to take him home, what can I do? Driving them home is almost impossible.
Creating "traps" from fences is possible, but not extra effective, and I'm not sure, if the animals can despawn or not (drifters can).

I saw some mods for if, like Animal cages and Capture Animals, but it could be something in the game itself.

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If you put down an appropriate trough with food in it (small trough with grain for chickens, large trough with grain, veggies, or dry grass for sheep/pigs), animals who come within a certain range (28 blocks IIRC?) will move towards it. You can use a series of troughs to lure members of these three species into pits or fenced areas, so as to trap them for breeding or as an emergency food source. Animals will not despawn as long as they get a certain minimum amount of light, so as long as you don't try to keep them in a completely dark room, they will be fine.

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