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Another not standalone sugestion that will act as a description or concept i can add to other posts much like the non-bag items one.

Inspection is a "new" game mechanic that lets you inspect items/blocks uncovering some hidden information/values in them and if technically possible look at an item preview in similar fasion as in for example Skyrim (this part is just cosmetic so could be ignored if demed to hard or not worth to implement). If we ever get tresure chests with traps or traps in general (that looks like normal blocks) inspection could be used to find those and give us an option to defuse them safely.

Inspection takes certain amount of time and in some cases might have material cost depending on :

1. Type of item/block .

2. Players Class (some classes would have buffs or/and debuff to inspecion on certain types of items or as a whole).

3. If any sort of knowlage or proficiency system is added to the game it could also influence inspection.

4. Supporting items or blocks

Knowlage , class and support items could also provide addicional information in some cases.


If you want to inspect block in world press configured button (for example "f") while looking at it (cross) 

If you want to inspect item hover over it in inventory and press "f" .

There are two types of supporting items/blocks : passive and active.

Passive ones give you bonusses if you have them in your inventory (items) or are near them (blocks).

Active . You either hold them in hand/cursor while inspecting something (items) or use them directly (blocks) via special interaction. Probably gui of some sort.

Two parts of inspection functionality are already present in game. First very much like hwyla in MC display with information on any block we look at , second prospecting. In case of prospecting if we look with inspection in mind prospecting pick is a support item thats needed for this branch of inspection to take place. Prospecting is an example of inspection with material cost (you need to break blocks and lose any drop from them)

Once again if you want to use this description feel free to do so. 

Here is the list of posts using this one :

Trees : https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/5862-another-take-on-trees-propagation/

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