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ideas for fauna.


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first of all, hello. I got a couple of ideas for fauna in the game, and I wanted to share them. 1) A new relatively harmless mob is a hedgehog. by behavior, he would resemble raccoons, but when the player approached, he did not run away, but twisted into a prickly ball, also causing damage (I think equal to the damage from hunger). since he is an omnivore, he would also eat berries, and apples with pears, as well as butterflies (not necessarily) 2) Owls. aggressive if you decide to touch them. owls, as in life, would be active at night, and during the day they slept in nests. owls hunted mainly rabbits, raccoons and hedgehogs. also at night you could hear owl sounds (hoot). 3) Crows. they feed on butterflies (not necessarily). these birds are smart and vindictive, so I do not advise touching them (they attack the whole pack). the peculiarity of these birds is that they could steal small but valuable things (bracelets, chains, and so on).Separately, I wanted to offer crickets, they can be heard closer to night and at night. That seems to be all, thank you for your attention. also sorry for my knowledge of the Angi language.

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