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barrel disappeared


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TLDR: 5 barrels used to process hides, placed outside, disappeared without any trace after ~1 year in-game.

details: I'm playing the save file since 1.15.6 (or .7, can't tell) in localhost from time to time. Today I updated to 1.15.9, and start playing - barrels were in place (2 of them were sealed in previous save with hides in strong tannin, others with weak tannin stood open). I mind my own business, got one small hide and sealed in it limewater barrel, and went off a few chunks for 1 in-game day to chop the trees with my partner. 

After coming back my partner found that barrels are gone, and restarting the map didn't help, the field where they were just empt. Not much lost, but it's a bug regardless (or feature - barrels after ~1 in-game year falls apart if installed outside?)

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