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Science geek topic:

I have seen several comments about butterflies and plants and thought maybe we could make a place to suggest things.  

  • If you leave at least one of a wild plant it has a chance to propagate but stops at a certain level rather than infecting the whole map like Pam's garden do in minecraft
  • bugs that attack fields if they are left too long unharvested
  • pollinators giving boosts to plant growth/yield (plant flowers near your field to do so)
  • even more utility to cooper's reeds because they really are that cool in real life 
    • fibers
    • grinding roots for flour
  • fruit and nut trees
  • a diversity of plants some of which have utility and some of which add flavor and beauty (which is useful to me)
    • bogs with rare plants like sundew (and move cranberries here)
    • milkweed for butterflies (and flowers)
    • poisonous plants for accidental death and tricky potions/tinctures (belladonna)
    • thimble berries because they are my favorite wild berry and I have never seen them in a game
    • berries specific to each biome so that  early game is doable regardless of your start and to add pretties (and because its realistic)
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