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How do I set the player animations on IMountable?

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I finally made my player interact and attach itself to a winged wolf. I plan to make it Mountable aswell. My problems are.

1. the player yaw is stuck facing at the wolf's back

        public float? MountYaw { 
                return HeadYaw = pilot.HeadYaw;

2. I cannot set an animation to the player, I would like to use the sit feature if you press G. I was ruminating if it is only set on a json file.

        public override void OnGameTick(float dt)

            if(pilot != null) {
               IPlayer player = (pilot as EntityPlayer)?.Player;
               EntityAgent playerAgent = player.Entity;

               // set Animation to sitting
               if(player!= null) {

            if (!isOnGround())
                this.isFlying = true;
                //cancel controlledphysics gravity
                this.isFlying = controls.IsFlying; 

3. I plan to make an AI for it to be flyable.

Hopefully, code mods documents are easier to understand now.


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