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Server System.IO.InvalidDataException


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Every time I host a server there are messages popping up every couple minutes:

12:08:42 [Server Warning] Exception at client 7. Disconnecting client.
12:08:42 [Server Error] System.IO.InvalidDataException: Unknown wire type: 7 at stream position 2
   w _Y8fa0TQWLmr1Aiw8CJzO72VqoFO._M6ORV0et4GfkU7WgIv0ovHNcL3F(_I8qcDlfnEx5Yv8pN7H0r9iDHpl3 , _ZQ2K4fQJoPwPqQUvEiVCuWODhLw )
   w _Uy5rBTdB9z5ljwv4INTa82Dbd0M._6fyDkl7FnxxOOPDTrmKBmY4dPvl(_bZDp46P7evn1IxjGmg1CDslXhoh , _7Tp9zNMxEyO9KldCgN7pQgpQtPN )
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.HandleClientPacket(ConnectedClient client, Byte[] data)
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.ProcessNetMessage(NetIncomingMessage msg, NetServer mainSocket)

As far as I know no player is trying to connect at that time and normal players are able to connect succesfully. Is my server corupted or something? Or is it just someone trying to scan my ports and making theese errors?

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