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Tool auto-replace did a strange

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Sorry, I really can't think of a simple title to convey exactly what happened :P  This was in 1.16 stable running on Windows 7.

I was fighting a wolf in the water (holding jump), using a flint spear for melee.  My spear broke, the 'breaking tool' sound played, and the tool was replaced with another from my inventory.

The next two strikes, made with the same not-breaking spear, also caused the 'breaking tool' sound.  When I looted the wolf corpse (via shift-click), the bone image laid over a spear in my inventory while the bones landed in the adjacent inventory spot.  It looked at first like duplication, but when I picked up the set that should have been a spear, it changed back to a spear.

It seems as though some part of tool replacement and inventory management thought multiple spears had broken, but this was corrected by some other part of inventory management.

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