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Ham Nesia

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Please consider Geforcenow, it does have Steam access but also private launchers, from large corporations like Epic and gog, but also independent titles similar to Vintage Story but not as good. With suppliers high prices  and supply shortages its been 14 months since I've used a pc and gone full cloud android gaming , (Soon I hope to have Steam Deck to access even more of my steam library) but I drift.  Aside from an Android version  or a launcher like PojavLauncher (♡♡♡♡♡) I'm in so much withdrawal each time I watch Ashantin and Julius van Vern on YouTube 🥲

I doubt that geforcenow (Nvidia) charge you 30% , and if there is a indie developer entry fee I'm very willing to donate for access on my handicapped ♿able tablet pc. Kk bsafe and well and thanks for your time 

Dr.HamNesia 🐷


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