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some sugestions:


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1- allow to open more barrels at once like a chest / many chests and barrels in this same time
2- add ancient alkochol to find in ruins
3- Water Lili when harvest sink ing to the bottom, some items floating on the water, Water Lili should too.
4- add option ( LIKE IN MINECRAFT ) to put all stacks of this same items by one click to container of from them.
5-bandages + jug of alkochol >>> bandages with alhohol - this recipe is missing, only can be used bucket or bowl.
6-bandages with alhohol can be "bandages+bootle of alcochol" as single item.
They should heal more than Honey-sulfur poultice or can be use more times than 16 ( maybe both?). ( when all "charges" are udes, item can tur back into empty Jug.)


bandaże z alko.png

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