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[EN] The Berg - A Vintage Story Towny Server


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The Berg – A Vintage Story Towny Server

Welcome to The Berg! As said above, we are a towny server, and the first of its kind for vintage story. With the help of KenigVovan’s “The Berg” mod we’re looking to setup an economic system that allows players to claim territory at a cost.

Currently we are trying to figure out if those costs are too high or low and working with KenigVovan to find any bugs to make the Berg even smoother than it already is. On top of that we’ve made changes to the world to elongate progression to some extent such as elongating growth times for crops and lowering the spawn of ore deposits. Now to get the same amount of food you’ll have to have larger fields and to get iron, you might be forced to go for those poor iron readings.

The server is heavily modded to add more endgame content (QPtech, Bricklayers) but also add variety to things to both acquire and see (CaveContent, RuinVariants, wolftaming, and more). If this all interests you join us at The Berg here:



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