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Cottage cheese recipe for 25L batch


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Currently, there are two valid recipes for curdled milk: 25L milk + 1 pickled vegetable = 25L curdled milk, or 20L milk + 1 pickled vegetable = 20L curdled milk. However, the recipe for cottage cheese (10L curdled milk + 1 salt) requires multiples of 10L, and making a finished cheese requires 25L cottage cheese. This means that if you make 25L of curdled milk, which is theoretically enough for one cheese, the only thing you can do with it in practice is throw out 5L, convert the other 20L into cottage cheese, and eat the result with a bowl. It would be great if there was a second recipe for cottage cheese that would let you make a 25L batch: for instance, maybe 25L curdled milk + 3 salt, which would make it a touch more expensive in salt than making a 50L, 2-cheese batch, but would fit the quantities of the other cheese-making steps.

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