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Waterfowl, Geese specifically

David Aggar

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Checked the roadmap and frequently suggested, and didn't see this. Perhaps it falls under the 'more livestock and birds' umbrella.

After playing a bit, realized there's a hole in the ecosystem: fatty waterfowl. Geese would be an excellent implementation.

They can settle around water, giving more significance to bodies of water. Feeding on lilies, water weed, reeds, and grass.

Wild geese can be awfully aggressive, playing a good counterpart to the passive chickens.

Can drop poultry, feathers, and fat. Most civilizations have domesticated geese at one point or another. Perhaps requiring a pond of some sort.

Maybe using shears on the geese to clip the flight feathers to keep them penned/ reduce flight risk?

Housing Geese with your chickens may help scare off foxes/wolves, mimicking real life.

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