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So what is a Civ Genre Server?

Civ-servers can be best described as “anarchistic gaming experiments”. The idea behind the Civ-server concept, and the 5 Civ-servers/iterations - Civcraft 1.0, Civcraft 2.0, Civcraft 3.0, Devoted, Civclassics - and hopefully now, Vintage Civ is to create a semi-realistic world that requires to people to work together to survive against both the environment and each-other.

One of the key philosophies that makes this possible is an anything goes (within the bounds of reason) mentality, where the admin staff exists solely to maintain resource scarcity, and ensure that the mods and experience are running both safely and smoothly.

As of now, We are now officially on our own dedicated box, improving performance dramatically. 

As far as full details go, the website and the discord get updated every update with information about the mods we are running on the server, some of which were home developed.




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