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Set of bugs :P


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1. No liquid transparency in barrels.
2. No information about "freshness" on pots / crocks / bowls with food when placen od shelf or ground, Need to pickup this items to check it. 
3. When making torch in multiple firepits, and shift click to pickup them, they bacome fuel in other firepit, should be picked up to my inventory.
4. Aged Crates sometimes do not stack (new one! not olds with label "place and destroy to upgreade to 1.16 version"), 
5.Crates with parchment labels and grain inside afrer some time, have roting grain on this labels, but when i destroy them i dont find any roted grain/ rot inside.
6.Since 16.2 (3? maybe) Ladders gravity its bugged, they levitate on air when bottom part is destroyed ( not like a before all parts fall down), when this flyinig part is clicked by ladder they breake to parts and fall down :D 
7. Rope ladder cant be take away when placed, happens one time. Later works normally.
8. When dig in Peat they emiting oragnge particles, i thinking lava drowns me :P 



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