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Footsteps for mobs and other audio issues


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Drifters and wolves are way too sneaky - they make absolutely NO sound other than moaning and growling.

Moaning is usually not very indicative of the drifters' position though, as the audio doesn't align properly with them - it's extremely annoying hearing the zombie moans through 6-block thick walls. The game also doesn't seem to support any kind of surround system, and the moans seem to come from random directions rather than the one the drifter is in.

Growling for wolves sometimes doesn't trigger at all. Sometimes it triggers repeatedly (same wolf growls twice at the same time). Either way, for a creature that kills you in 3 hits when you have no armor, wolves need to be less stealthy.

I don't know if there is some kind of audio rework in the plans (to fix the aforementioned issues, also wind howling inside buildings etc.), but it NEEDS to involve footstep sounds for things other than the player. I know this would need a lot of tweaking, to avoid a cacophony of noises when a horde of drifters is chasing you, for example.

As a side note: animals are way too quiet as well. Pretty much only the young animal versions make noises (and the chickens) - I feel like they need an occasional idle sound to play, not too often, of course.

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