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Mods available, auto instant loader and few fantasy ideas


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I am not coder, I don't posses the brain for that type of thing. I tried to learn blender I was awful at it. And worst part was dealing with modded Minecraft without Curse, because prior to that I never could find the mod folder for anything.

I wish there was equivalent to that.

I don't use discord have had issues with it. Github won't let me in or use it for some odd reason.

I know because I tried few times, even tried to join once because on my better days I am bit of texture artist.

I recently joined and was trying to explore the tailor profession but I realized I couldn't find much on it. It started making me daydream about stuff. There this game called Hokkio Life that has artist and building bench but when I played it sorta was iffy.

In my fantasy we have a Vintage Story version of material knapping and chiseling  for more than clay, stone and wood. If someone could inform me in how to post images I could draw out the designs and recipes to have visual account of my fantasy mod better. Do I need a link or what I can post here?

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