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Trying a new more complicated chisel project. I got questions


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I am trying to do new panning/pit kiln area with fancy chiseled area. It's will have pot and tools in gold, and top part will have golden grill.

Underneath the detailed areas is light blocks which look really cool with glowing and light patterns.

The problem I am running into is I removed a chunk of blocks for light blocks to be underneath and re-stitching the blocks has been getting really annoying.

Is there more efficient way to do more complex chisels that someone could give me advise on? A video? Also I noticed I am only able to add 2 colored blocks not a third. Initially I thought I do as many colors as I can and in lower layer do different chiseled colored light blocks for more detail but the black and gold area is such a hassle I am starting to get frustrated.

Here is what I have done so far.


Imgur links aren't working, so here is the images. This is WIP, not done.

BTW does light blocks travel through chisel blocks? Its seems too but it might be just my computer. The reflections are really cool in game but still having vision problems without the lights so that's why I got all white light blocks. The white blocks will be covered or removed as project is completed.



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photos not sure if link will work since its marked as private
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