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Tweaking of Bell


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Hello everyone,

I love the implementation of alternative monsters ingame. However, I wish there was some strategy involved in how to approach each of them rather than "hit until dead". Also I believe monsters should have some natural limits too. One specific example of a monster came to my mind for which I'd like to introduce a different mechanic: The "Bell" a subtype of locust (I assume) that has a head shaped like a bell and alarms surrounding monsters using it.

What it currently does:

  • spawns randomly, endlessly (if player is nearby) various creatures such as different tiers of drifters, locusts.
  • unable to attack you directly
  • has a lot of hp (even with steel weapons hard to kill)
  • very dangerous/imbalanced in open areas (due to a lot of space in which creatures can spawn) -> somewhat useless because of that in narrow, small spaces
  • acoustically very repetitive and annoying tune, specifically if it is in an area nearby but you can’t directly attack it/reach it

What it should do:

  • RNG based time limit for the creature to tune the bell before it staggers for a bit (due to exhaustion) -> this is to counter somewhat the imbalance in open field spawning
  • RNG based final limit of endurable staggers before it starts damaging itself(due to the fragile nature of a bell) -> this is to counter the bell endlessly ringing in a nearby area that you can’t directly reach
  • When cornered (narrow spaces) the bell should switch from the attempt of trying to spawn creatures to either:
    • tuning a ring that harms your stability
    • try defending itself by hitting you and damaging itself doing so


Love to hear your opinion on this, cheers.

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I would really like it if beels would play different tunes based on what it will spawn. Perhaps make the more difficult enemies a slightly longer tune. I know the idea is that the alarm is getting the attention of nearby enemies, but i personally like the idea that its actually summoning them (as it is mechanically). Perhaps makes each summon actually damage it, so even if you don't fight it directly, it'll just die after you hold out. 

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