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work in progress: Wisteria and color rant


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On 7/7/2022 at 11:36 AM, Mirok said:

Lol, Now this is a place for random comments from rare readers of the forum :)

I erased my failed attempt at making wisteria tree and color issues rant when I was trying to gain space so I could upload my failed attempt at making custom blocks. There was originally this whole post about trying to make realistic objects like trees and  about colored blocks and how they look inside the game and how they don't match the colors they call them. Red looked brown for example. Chiseling a wisteria looking object is hassle. but it bothered me so I brought it up but nobody cares and I needed the memory space back so I deleted it.

There is limit on memory space for images here I didn't know about and there was no way to remove the thread. I don't exactly get the comment.

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