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Chiselable colored blocks


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I went through the entire blues through purple, including few blue and purple glowing blocks and none of the colors looked quite right.

See my build post to see what I mean.

Baby blue with light 4 looks white.

Purples looks pink or not purplish at all.

Two greens I used looked all the same or more blue.

No bark like blocks that keep their bark or brown colors.

I have pretty high end computer(graphics card rtx 3080, 16 ram) considering I am use to being on a potato with even less. I actually waited to get this game until I got newer more modern machine but all the colors seem off.

Is it just me or is it due to something else?

Is there any alternative fix or mod for this?

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You can lower the sepia in game to get colors to pop a bit more. I play with it on the lowest. Otherwise if you want more color options atm you can try the Bricklayers mod. Its got colored clay blocks among other things that are much more vibrant than what exists in vanilla. But if playing survival be aware that they can be quite grindy and resource intensive to get.

But I would love to see much more color options in vanilla as well. And stripped log blocks and bark blocks too :)

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Thanks @Dampus for the suggestion of lowering sepia. I will try it out.

I think as far as blocks I have downloaded every option that is available including bricklayers. Crappy thing though about Bricklayers mod is yes I can use it easily in creative and now I get chisel glass now but the glass is now even harder to work with and way too transparent now to use the glass by itself and it only works with their glass.

I wish it was easier for us non-programmers to add textures to blocks and chiseled objects. If I didn't have github account issues maybe I would downloaded the mod tool and made my own block textures but alias I cannot.


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Bricklayers mod forgot to mention it.
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