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Lore of my private island, the beginning, the golden orb


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In the void, there was nothing.
And then there became the something.

Often the something is hostile, aggressive and never easy, peaceful or magical.

Except with the exception and skill to craft that magical wonderland of peace, tranquility.
Or the dream of something else, even if its a dream, a impossible chance.

In a small corner of insignificant place a crafter once found a lump of clay, sand, rock, high quality soil, water.

Mixed it with halite in all the wrong places and magical produced golden blocks and made the golden orb.

Gently landed it in middle of nowhere, surrounded by vast nothingness and desert sands in region that green and lush, rained all the time.
Granted the user to summon whatever they needed.

This is beginning, the tale isn't finished. 

But in chaotic, hostile universe there exist a small section of the universe there is land of peace and calm.
This place exist in a the golden orb, gardens within and the rainy jungle island it exist upon.


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