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Render Latency Optimization

Yel ozing

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This game absolutely needs a render latency improvement. Of all the games I have ever played, this one features the absolute worst render latency I have ever seen. Up to even 50ms.

Adding this on top of network latency causes the game to feel incredibly sluggish. Here is a screenshot of my average render latency, and this is running with very modest settings and low-draw distance (64 blocks).

To the devs, please, please, please improve this. It will make the game feel so much more responsive and smooth. I know that some will argue that it's not an FPS game blah blah and it doesn't need super low render latency. However, when playing on servers that are somewhat distant the latency is absolutely terrible and this has a compounding effect on performance and gameplay.

Thanks for making this amazing game, but please prioritise this.

render latency.png

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