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Version 1.16.4 Failing to Open on Mac Monterey 12.3 [Bug and Solution]


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I installed Vintage Story for the first time this morning and ran into an immediate issue (which I was prepared for given buyer-beware situation with Mac support).

The icon bounced in the dock a few times and disappeared. Shortly after a system dialog informed me "Vintage Story quit unexpectedly." Out of curiosity I did some digging. Right-clicking the application to "Show Package Contents" took me to a folder with a "launchmac" Unix executable. That booted the game and gave me a terminal window that diagnosed the crash; I did not save the exact text but it had something to do with mono and the menu bar.

That gave me a hunch so I went to System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar and disabled both toggles regarding automatically hiding the system menu bar (for desktop and full screen respectively). And just like that the game is running perfectly for me! (Knock on wood.)

Hopefully this is useful to any fellow Mac users that are having a similar issue.

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