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Chunk reversed in time ?

Subla Kuty

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Hello fellow adventurers, this is just a weird bug i found.


I was playing with my friends, and we were moving our stuff. i was alone on my private server at the time, and had some temporary chests (double chests, in case its important) at our new base location. we are just playing casually, and i was teleporting between the two locations, our old and new base to move all the stuff we gathered so far. at one of these occassions, at the time when i was nearly done moving, i teleported to the new location with my invenotry once again full of goodies. the first split second was the usual image i saw every time i teleported there, then suddenly the light went out, even though i had a torch in my hand, and i was looking around what the hell happened. it appeared that i was in the wall of my temporary structure, but i couldnt confirm, as i was stuck, and i just teleported once again. then the real surprise came, when i saw that my stuff that i already moved, and not just put in the chest, i also placed, were gone! not everything, it was like it reversed in time! two chests went complitely empty which i remember i filled later on, my pile of peat was gone, which i placed later on in the moving, and also my fireplaces were reduced to the grass too, also which were made later on in the process of moving. some of my stuff remained there which were moved early. then i thought okay wtf maybe it went back to the state when i once restarted the server for some minor bug. but, then i teleported to our old base... and all of the moved stuff were gone! that place did not went back in time! i was clueless of what happened. i ended up trying to kill vintage story in hope that it would return to the last saved place, but it was too smart for these sort of crashes and it saved the progress before shutting down. not like i mind it happening, there wasnt much we lost, its a new save, but i wonder if this could happen again, or if any of you experienced it ?


devs, if you need log files or something, i'd be happy to help out wherever i can, just let me know!

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