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Settings for a Extreme Winter Challenge?


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I was interested in doing a challenge where it is perpetually extremely cold, snowing, and resources are very very slim. In the World Generation settings you can make the world extremely cold and reduce the forestation but these worlds are not truly playable as the generation of Clay is dependent on soil and the settings universally replace all surface blocks with ice. Essentially halting advancement severely.

I'm looking for a way to generate a landscape of normal soil and rock distribution, with minimal trees and animal life, that is always freezing cold.


Even just a setting which freezes winter at it's absolute worst so I can generate a normal landscape and then subject it to such conditions


Is it possible?

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I think in custom world settings you can change the climate. I know there this youtuber I watch who did entire wilderness survival world in cold climate, called "Vintage for the Nords" but one of problems he had being so far north and in cold climate was lack of materials to make baskets. Also it gets really cold quickly, no warm clothes, you spawn with heavily damaged clothing so cold is even quicker to get to you.

I think Tayron added cold climate ruins, but before there was none closer you to get the really colder regions which is very hard to survive just starting out with nothing.

I think it might be easier starting out somewhere warmer and then slowly move to the colder regions once you have your gear because starting in very cold region is brutal but that might be what you want though.

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