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Compost Production


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Hello Everyone, 

This was brought up on Discord and I wanted to post about it here because I agree and really enjoy the farming aspect of this game, mainly because I enjoy gardening IRL. 

With that being said, I'm not sure what the actual solution here is but I know the current system for creating compost isn't fantastic. Ideally, as someone originally mentioned on the discord, I'd like to see a method close to how we make charcoal. You store rot as piles and perhaps cover it with thatch blocks, after the same amount of time in-game (20 days or whatever) you now open up your enclosed thatch area and you got piles of compost you dig out for the compost drop. 

I also think the ratio needs to be improved, right now we're 4:1, I think it'd be better served at 2:1 (64 rot gives you 32 compost). Or we change the amount required to make a high quality dirt. 

Let me know what you guys think!

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Current system is not fantastic, but the same system as charcoal wouldn't be any better. Maybe even little bit more complicated as you have to store everything at once.

I would like to see system more similar to real composter.
Something like barrel, but you could give there different kind of "biological waste" (rot, vegetable, ...) and it would automatically, slowly change to compost.
So you don't, have to close anything, just to add new food for bacteria.

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