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Dedicated Server not showing on List


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I have had a Server running for about 3 days, It hasnt showed up on the Games Server List yet.

If I set the "ip" to my public ip I get a SOCKET error.
I do have the ports forwarded, and responding to online portchecker.

It just isnt showing on the List, So I dont know if I am missing a property, or I have a network issue.
Any one have ideas?

"NextPlayerGroupUid": 11,
  "GroupChatHistorySize": 20,
  "MaxOwnedGroupChannelsPerUser": 10,
  "ServerName": "Babylon's Story - East Coast Dedicated",
  "ServerUrl": null,
  "ServerDescription": "Active Develepment Custom Server *Brand New*",
  "WelcomeMessage": "Welcome to Babylon {0}, may you survive well and prosper w>
  "Ip": null,
  "Port": 42420,
  "Upnp": true,
  "CompressPackets": true,
  "AdvertiseServer": true,
  "MaxClients": 24,
  "Password": null,


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