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Wavy items in tool rack and fire pit: Feature or Bug?

Liu Bei
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Lately I've noticed that putting tools in a tool rack causes them to start dynamically waving around in the rack. It seems like taking a tool out of a particular rack will make them straight again in that rack.  The pictures show wavy tools in the first pic and straightened out tools in the second pic. If there's a wavy tool rack and meat is in a fire pit, the meat will wave also.

Now this is pretty weird and creepy to me, given the Lovecraftian theme of Vintage Story!! If this is the team's intent: well done!!! Otherwise, it's still creepy...


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Thank you for reporting, we believe this issue is now fixed in 1.17.0-pre.3

While "creepy" is certainly a feeling the game is going for, we don't want it to be creepy in player bases - players should be able to rely on the tools they have crafted themselves!

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