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Unable to log in?


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Logged in earlier today.  Now I'm getting an error when entering my password just saying: "Login failed: game:".  Purposely typing in an incorrect password yields the error: "Login failed: Invalid Email or Password", so it's authenticating my password.  Anyone seen this before?


I've re-installed the game and deleted all relevant folders post-uninstall manually.  Also rebooted my machine, no luck.


Relevant logs (2x "Login failed: game:" messages followed by the Login failed: Invalid email or password" message:


4.7.2022 19:19:52 [Debug] Creating game window with window mode Fullscreen
4.7.2022 19:19:52 [VerboseDebug] Loadsounds, step 1
4.7.2022 19:19:52 [VerboseDebug] Loadsounds, step 2
4.7.2022 19:19:53 [VerboseDebug] Loadsounds, step 3
4.7.2022 19:20:06 [Debug] Server login response: valid, reason: 
4.7.2022 19:20:08 [Debug] Server login response: valid, reason: 
4.7.2022 19:20:12 [Debug] Server login response: invalid, reason: invalidemailorpassword

client-main has the following relevant item:

4.7.2022 19:19:53 [Notification] Cached session key is invalid, require login


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