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more death punishments options


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the current death punishments feel really limiting, and do not accommodate all playstyles for desired difficulty for various players/servers. so alas, suggestion:

Drop Inventory + Armor - yes, armor is very expensive, however since you don't drop armor (and there is no armor destruction on 0 durability along with the ability to repair in 1.17 prereleases+), this means there is no reason to make multiple variants of the same armor set, which is convenience i don't want in my current hard-mode wilderness survival world. this setting could also be popular in servers with pvp, especially group pvp because it will discourage "zerging" behavior where people only need a 1 ingot weapon to get back in a battle, and also groups will be more resource conscious when it comes to armor crafting (brigandine and lamellar suddenly could have a niche use beyond "early game armor" because even though it's worse than chain armor, it's cheaper to craft without too many downsides) 

Drop Inventory + Armor + Clothes - same as above, but even more hardcore i guess. 

Keep hotbar contents - contrary to the above setting, one of my friends who i suggested this game to play asked if the game had the ability to "soulbind" items during their first few play sessions, because they enjoy the risk of dying and losing items, but find it frustrating if they find themselves in a situation where they don't have armor or a weapon (or a light source in this game's case) to run and recover the items (in quotation, they were "80% satisfied" when i told them you keep armor on death ;D ). keeping a hotbar seems like a good middle ground solution for "some risk" without being too frustrating for casual play.


looking at past posts on the forum & discord it seemed like the game has been rife with changes whether to drop armor or not, whats a better way to solve this than to just make it player choice?

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